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vinyle cover by Jack Domon
vinyle cover by Jack Domon

contact us to order it in vinyle(10E) or cd(6E) Jack profile and comics on the link

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New T-shirt drawn by Hervé Costa
New T-shirt drawn by Hervé Costa

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Front page of the first cd/ t-shirt
Front page of the first cd/ t-shirt

Draw by Laurent Flamion contact us to order our last items (4Euros!!!)

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vinyle cover by Jack Domon
vinyle cover by Jack Domon

contact us to order it in vinyle(10E) or cd(6E) Jack profile and comics on the link

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our guitarist will play drum on tour with The Babes (uk) from april to start of may, then with us few weeks, and at the bass on tour with The Toasters (USA).

A new double bass player is supposed to join us for the next tours, more infos soon

may : 3 festivals and a spring tour!!! TBA

august : french festival to be announced

october : psychobilly kick back (DE) TBA

and Belgium dates

Dates 2022

05/03 Amiens @ squat rivery plage


31/03 Paris W/ Numbskulls , the Mullet Monster Mafia

22/05 underground disease fest#2

24/05 l'armony bar W/ Sick Sick Sinners

4/06 Montpellier @ KJBI

15/07 private festival, south of France

16/07 wine festival rue des belles caves

09/09 Paris W/Frenetic Trio, chouch n molotov

18/09 Montreuil in the street

30/09 Tournai (Be)

1/10 Beaumont (Be)

2/10 psychobilly kick back festival (DE) (canceled)


Dates end 2021

27/11 secret venue(contact us) around Ivry


30/11 Paris W/Brain Eaters

02/12 St Germain en Laye W/DEMENTED ARE


11/12 secret festival venue (contact us) near Rennes/Britany W/ 5 bands

12/12 Nantes W/DEMENTED ARE GO 

Next album

In july, we started to record the guitare for the 15 songs of our next album. We now are adding few colaborations in november, and amasing instruments... for good surprises !

Get our t-shirts with colours!!!

Just For Fun Productions (Psychobilly meeting/Pineda) had the super idea to include, the bands who stoped their activities because of the covid19, in their online shop. Order your one on their web site, and the 15 first buyers will win our first cd for free (except shiping fee). Just contact us after you bought it here :

European spring tour, removed to an end summer tour 2020, dates still availables !

A new tour with our bros from THE MULLET MONSTER MAFIA  and BIG BULL AND HIS SELFISH BAND was booked, and supposed to occure between 20th and 5th of may through European countries and Switzerland. We try to remove it from the 26th of august to the 5th of september, if sanitary conditions permit it .... few dates still are availables, then the tour of our friends will continue during the entire september !

Gigs 2020

15/O2 Paris W/THE MONSTER KLUB , Bulgarian Yogurt

24/02 Curitiba/Brasil The Mullet Monster Mafia feat some of us for one cover song, during the Psychocarnival!!!!

06/05 wine convention (canceled by sanitary restrictions...)

European summer tour 2019

We had the pleasure to join our terrible brasilians friends from The Mullet Monster Mafia, playing a brutal surf music. During their 2 months tour around Europe, we traveled in the same van and played togethers between the 13th of june and the 8th of july, our 2 bands was like an only crazy one ! unforgetable !

13/06 KÖln (DE) @ sonic ballroom

14/06 Vocklabruck(AT) @ C'est la vie

15/06 Hallstatt (AT) @ AlmhÜtte

19/06 Vienna @ Arena Beis

20/06 Bratislava (H) @ S8 Underground café

21/06 Padova (It) LIght House

22/06 Livorno @ Surfer Joe Summer, only TMMM

23/06 Turin @ Edera squat

24/06 Genève (CH) @ La Makno

27/06 Lyon (FR) @Le Farmer

28/06 around Saumur @ wine caves !!!!!

29/06 Saumur @ La belle Siétre

05/07 Bruges @ Rock pub

06/07 Amiens (FR) L'Acceuil Froid

07/07 Paris @ le  Cirque éléctrique

gigs 2019

10/01 Paris @ Gibus live W/ MAD SIN

21/01 Montreuil W/ Anticlockwise

(because of our side bands, we won't be availables between : 23 april and 12 may, 12 and 23 july)

13/06 to 7/07 european tour with The Mullet Monster Mafia

24/07 Paris W/ Hillbilly Rawhide

17/08 festival RDC south of France

12/09 Paris W/ Garbage Bags and Sheriff Perkins

30/10 Montreuil W/ DEMENTED ARE GO and Bulgarian Yogurt

new video clip ?

You will can see the projection of our latest video in exclusivity, coming at our first gig 2019 in Paris at the mythic Gibus Live : 10 january with Mad Sin , Manor Freaks, Sheriff Perkins

our guitarist on tour again with the Toasters

We wish to our guitarist a nice trip, playing bass with the legendary ska band, and good luck to them, standing him during one month :)

 Yes ! new video clip

        down here ! :

          Gig in Canada !

We did our first gig in Canada this 24 october at Paul's boutique in Montréal, where we met the sympathics Gutter Demons and Lab Ratz members

After Brasil, return to the reality, and what's next ?

We spent fantastics moments in Brasil, people there is definitively awesome! psychocarnival was incredible, then all the gigs and after parties was " do caralho !!! ".

One time in France, we have few things for console us after left Brasil :


17/03 festival Keponteam, Rouen

21/04 private gig, under Paris

4/05 Bovel (Britany)

5/05 festival Sail Sous Cousan

6/05 Amiens

27/07 Big punk festival in Britany...

28/07 Festival on an archeological site at Eu

29/09 Festival around Dijon

26/10 around Paris W/The blue carpet band


then .... :

We start a new video clip

start a new record


2018 : come back in south America ! for a tour in BrasiLLLLL!!!!


we will come during the carnaval, principaly for the psycho carnival ! the biggest psychobilly meeting from south America, we will be on tour there start of february, more informations soon...

week-end in England !

13/10 Brixton W/ Dread Messiah, Split Veins, Atavistik Death Pose

14/10 North London W/ The Babes, The Jawless

15/10 Brighton W/ The Babes, Pog, Men Fatale

 Next dates 2017 in France

24/03 Moissy Cramayel (77)

14/04 Sainte-Hélène (88700)

1/05 Arras fest: le son du porte voix W/ René Binamé, Vincent PKRK, Toxic Waste

6/05 concert privé dans les vignes ...

8/06 Montreuil W/ the Mullet Monster Mafia and rock'n'bones

22/06 Paris W/ Kingargoolas, all this mess, princesse napalm

15/07 Coulommiers W/ Labouv, Drunker

15/09 tatto fest Ville Franche de Rouergue

6/10 Bretagne !!! à Forville

7/10 Bretagne à Plaintel

27/10 Paris W/ Peter And The Taste Tube Babies

1/11 Montreuil w/ Retarded Rats, Bulgarian yogurt, Labouv

10/11 Dijon W/ Washington dead cats

11/11 Bourg en Bresse W/ Washington dead cats


Facebook addicted ? you can share this page or like us here :

hardzazat fest in Morroco




South America tour 2017 : in Colombia ! y Ecuador !

we spent an amasing time in North Africa end of march 2017, playing for the Hardzazat hardcore fest in Ouarzazate, DIY project that many of you have been actors, participating in support events or crownfunding !


we improvised a tour with a minimalist formation, and realised that all is possible there, thanks to the help of friends and friendly organisators, where we played for Colombia in :

12/01 Armenia,

13/01 Pereira,

14/01 Bogota,

28/01 Cali

3/02 Leticia for the cultural house, and after at the Legends bar

and Equator in :

11/02 El valle,

24/02 Quito

25/02 Ambato,

more than to play there, we made strong connexions with fantastic persons.

extract of minimalist band :



we are proud to announce you that                                     we want to thanks the 2 germans labels who gave us a big help for that : Crazy love records and Zombies union. A cd version is also available, you can order it directly to the labels, with us but we are lazy, or in our shows there :





in Czech republic, Germany, Holland, Belgium, France :


06/05 Amsterdam(NL)

07/05 Emen(NL)

09/05 Berlin (unplugged)  

10/05 Berlin (D)

11/05 Hoff (D)

12/05 Kupra (CZ)

13/05 Görlitz (D)

14/05 Zwittau (D)

15/05 Liège (BE)

02:06 Marseille

03/06 Montpellier

04/06 Toulouse

26/06 Montreuil with Mullet Monster Mafia (fast surf brasil) and Waikiki Boys

02/10 Fucknival in Desertine

03/10 Keponteam festival in St Imier (CH)

10/10 Montreuil with retarded rats (psychobilly leipzig), Dead stimpy cats (rock'n'roll man band,Nederland) and bulgurian yogurt

29/10 halloween party in Liège (BE)

our vinyle is released!!

New EP !

Death floor - Nausea Bomb



lives and  vinyle                                                     2015/2016

11/12 Mauriac

12/12 ustaritz

30/01 amiens

25/03 Rouen festival keuponteam

08/04 Paris with Demerit (punk from China)

06/06 Toulouse


our vinyle release is normaly for the half 2016, in collaboration with 2 crazy labels, more informations soon...

After the preview of our video clip, done during our show with Mad Sin and No Hit Makers, it Will must be oline in décembre 2015 !


Notre vinyle sera, normalement, disponible pour mi 2016, avec la collaboration de 2 labels, plus d'informations bientôt...

Après l'avant première de notre clip, qui a eu lieu durant le concert avec Mad Sin et No Hit Makers, il devrait être en ligne pour décembre 2015!

August /  October

lives   2015                                                                  

30/08 Bagnolet with retarded rats


26/10 Roissy en Brie with MAD SIN and No Hit Makers  facebook event











3rd Tour     Switzerland, Germany,  France                                                                                2015

For this tour we play in june with brasilians psychos friends Sick Sick Sinners at these days:

25/06 Paris punkabilly fest

26/06 Vevey (Ch)
27/06 Delémont (Ch)
28/06 Genève (Ch)

and then we play in july before holiday

11/07 Zwickau (D) / störfaktor fest

12/07 Metz








Many gigs, festivals, some tours and a cd occured before 2015, maybe we will put it here a day .... 

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